Digital technologies and the Internet are rapidly changing the opportunities we have to address some of society’s biggest challenges. Across Europe, a growing movement of people are exploring these opportunities, which range from creating digital platforms to setting up social networks for people with chronic health conditions or developing online communities where citizens can map and share data on pollution levels and climate change in their areas.
DSI has the great potential to contribute to three of the most important challenges facing Europe today by reinventing:

  • Public services, often providing lower-cost models of addressing social needs.
  • Communities and how people live and collaborate together.
  • Business in ways that are better aligned with human needs.

The Manifesto for Digital Social Innovation (DSI) is an initiative promoted by the EU project ChiC* with the collaboration of the DSI4EU project and several other European innovators. It tries to address the above issues by fostering civic participation by promoting active citizenship!

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