On 21st March, retailers, consumers and environmental and food experts had the opportunity to get an overview of the ASSET project and get a feel of the mobile app. We had lots of interesting discussions and got good and useful input for the future. Depending on the perspective, either from a consumer’s or retailer’s point of view, the ASSET app offers different interesting aspects.

What do consumers want?
One of the most interesting features for consumers is the direct comparison of 2 or more products with one click. Also, the possibility of defining individual ranking criteria that can be changed quickly adds a dimension that cannot be found elsewhere. This way, the ASSET app seems to be able to fulfill the consumer’s need to make shopping decisions that fit their current life situation as well as a wish to get more background information on products. Shopping for a sugar free diet as well as finding palm-oill free products can both be equally supported. The most important aspects from a consumer’s point of view for further developement are independence, transparency, intuitive usability and, of course, data protection.

What do retailers want?
For retailers, the app can be interesting for overcoming the lack of space in the shop for providing additional information. Even without installing the localisation tool in every single store, the ASSET app still seems to be a potentially useful service for customers. A data coverage of at least 80% of the product sortiment should be ensured, however, to avoid frustration of users.

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